Tax & Compliance

Taxation is forever evolving and becoming more complex over the years. We keep up-to-date with Australia’s tax agenda and reforms and inform our clients on the changes and effect to their business. The Austax Accountants & Advisors Taxation team delivers practical and straight forward solutions to increase your bottom line whilst not triggering specific or general anti-avoidance provisions of the tax legislation

Our specialist taxation knowledge enables us to provide practical and professional advice on:

Income Tax

• Advice on all income tax issues
• Tax planning strategies to help reduce the overall tax on income
• Preparation of Individual / Partnership / Trust / Company / SMSF Income Tax Returns
• Preparing annual financial statements that comply with relevant legislation
• Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – advice on the most tax effective structures for holding assets

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

• Preparation of annual FBT returns
• Advice on all FBT matters, including the impact of various salary packaging options
• Advice on the FBT impact of client and staff entertainment and Christmas parties

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

• Applications for ABN and GST registration
• Advice on record keeping requirements
• Preparation and lodgement on monthly, quarterly or annual Activity Statements
• Advice on all GST issues and Margin Scheme

Land Tax

• Preparation of Initial Registration forms
• Preparation of Land Tax Variation forms
• Applications to the Office of State Revenue regarding the tax treatment of properties
• Advice on all Land Tax matters

Payroll Tax

• Preparation and lodgement of all forms relating to Payroll tax
• Advice on all Payroll matters

Pay As You Go Taxation (PAYG)

• Preparation and lodgement of all forms relating to PAYG
• Advice on PAYG matters, including grouping regulations
• Preparation of Annual Summaries
• PAYG Variations

Stamp Duty

• Preparation and lodgement of all forms relating to Stamp Duty
• Advice on Stamp Duty matters, including grouping regulations

Other Specialised Tax Services

Many areas of taxation are very specific in nature. Other specific areas of expertise include:
• Negative gearing and property investments
• Managing ATO audits and disputes
• Assisting ATO appeals and objections
• Tax office private ruling applications
• Salary packaging
• International and domestic tax modelling
• Tax services for overseas companies investing in Australia
• Tax office private ruling applications
• Research & development tax and incentives